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Concrete Delivery in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Concrete Delivered to You. WHEN & HOW You Want It!

Texan Concrete Specialist knows how busy life can get. We know how hard it can be to find the time to improve and / or repair your home or business.


That’s why we deliver concrete


Many concrete contractors in Dallas / Fort Worth make you work around their schedule.  

At Texan Concrete Specialist, we work around YOUR schedule. 

With your time and schedule in mind, we offer Flexible Scheduling and On-Demand Concrete Delivery. We pride ourselves on our commitment to always work with you, so you can make the most out of your time and money.

concrete delivery in dallas/fort worth texas

Volumetric Concrete Delivery

Volumetric concrete is concrete that is mixed onsite. Our volumetric concrete delivery trucks are “mobile batch plants”. They allow us to:

  • Cut down on waste

  • Enable customers to pay for only what they need

    • No over-ordering concrete

    • No running out of concrete mid-job

  • Mix concrete as needed

  • Eliminate “hot mud / hot loads”

  • Deliver concrete on-demand

  • Provide value and savings to our customers


All of our concrete is mixed fresh, on-site, to your specifications. We pride ourselves on our competitive concrete delivery rates, without sacrificing quality work, or customer service.

concrete delivery truck dallas/fort worth texas

Frequently Asked Concrete Delivery Questions and Answers

  • What can you use volumetric concrete delivery for?

    • Sidewalks, patios, driveways, and more! Our concrete delivery service can help with just about any of your concrete and cement needs.

  • How much does concrete delivery cost?

    • Concrete delivery costs are determined by the amount needed and the labor involved. At Texan Concrete Specialist, we strive to provide excellent service and top-quality work at an affordable price. Please give us a call and discuss your needs with us and we will be happy to give you a quote, free of charge. 

  • What are “on-demand concrete delivery” and “flexible scheduling”?

    • These are our ways of saying we value your time. Many cement delivery contractors make you work around their schedule. We try to do things differently than most cement contractors. 

    • “On-demand concrete delivery” means you can get quality concrete when and how you want it. No waste, no overpaying, no waiting around.

    • “Flexible scheduling” means we work with you to schedule a concrete delivery time that fits in your busy schedule. We offer a range of times and dates and ALWAYS show up at the agreed upon time.

  • Do you repair and / or deliver stamped concrete?

    • Yes! At Texan Concrete Specialist, we know how important your unique, stamped-concrete is to you. We take the utmost care to preserve the original look of your stamped concrete. We specialize in stamped concrete driveway repairs as well as many other projects related to stamped concrete. For more info about Driveway Repair, Check our our Driveway Repair Page here: and our Concrete Repair Page here: Concrete Repair Company in Fort Worth, Texas

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