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Concrete Contractor offers an array of services in Texas

Texan Concrete Specialist offers quality services to residents

Texan Concrete Specialist

Euless, Texas – July 14, 2020 – Texan Concrete Specialist offers a wide array of concrete services to residents. The team is dedicated to ensuring they provide their customers with quality work and have twenty years-experience to show their knowledge and skills. They maintain values of responsibility, honesty, integrity, and fairness as they constantly strive to provide excellent customer service and results for consumers.

Among the services offered are residential and commercial concrete services. It does not matter if you are needing new concrete or are remodeling and adding concrete, the company is up to the task. Residential services include patios, driveways, laying house pads, sidewalks, installing decorative or stained concrete, installing colored or stamped concrete, and demolishing, hauling, and removing old concrete. Commercial services include paving, laying asphalt, creating curbsides, ensuring ADA compliance, and installing loading ramps, installing retaining walls, installing stained concrete, colored concrete or stamped concrete and demolishing, hauling, and removing concrete.

They offer driveway repair services. Driveways are critical when discussing curbside appeal, value, and aesthetics of a home. The driveway is typically the first thing people see when they come to your home and concrete driveways can make or break the curbside appeal. If your driveway is damaged it can greatly hurt the appeal. Texan Concrete Specialist will fix your driveway as efficiently and quickly as they possibly can to ensure that your curbside appeal remains intact.

The company also provides stamped concrete services. Stamped concrete is patterned or textured concrete that is designed to resemble stone, brick, tile, wood, or other highly sought after materials. It is typically used for pool decks, flooring, driveways, patios, and sidewalks. Stamped concrete can provide the aesthetics of more expensive material without the cost. If you decide to install stamped concrete, you can add a base or accent color to the concrete or even decide to have a pattern stamped into it. Texan concrete specialists can provide gorgeous stamped concrete patterns that can increase your overall design and aesthetic appeal.

Many homeowners and business owners find they need concrete repair services. Driveways, patios, walkways, sidewalks, stairways, retaining walls, and decks can be costly to fix when they become cracked or damaged. Texan concrete specialist knows the process of repairing, resurfacing, and even repaving your concrete. They aim to ensure all prices are competitive and that they provide excellent customer service as they quickly and effectively get your concrete looking brand new again. Cracked and damaged concrete can lower the value of your home. When you have it fixed or repaired correctly it can provide a crisp, clean, well-put-together look and let people know that you take care of your property.

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