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How Long Does Concrete Last?

how long does concrete last?

Concrete is a durable material that can last a lifetime. The term durability means that something can last for a long period of time without significantly deteriorating. With a durable material such as concrete, the environment is conserved as well as waste reduced. Concrete is able to resist weathering, chemicals, and abrasion if installed correctly as well as maintained in the right way. There are different applications of concrete that require varying methods and will offer different degrees of durability. Factors to consider also include environment exposure and the properties desired for the concrete.

Factors to Consider

Concrete is often used for the foundation of the home, patios, walkways, sidewalks, porches and more. When having concrete used in a home project, it is important to consider certain factors to determine the durability and lifespan of the material. This can include the ingredients of the concrete, the proportioning of such ingredients, the placing and curing techniques used, weather and environment.

For larger projects such as buildings and homes, the concrete should last 30 to 100 years or more depending on the construction style as well as method of installation. Many times, a concrete shell of a building or home can be reused when the other materials such as wood begin to deteriorate. The structural material of concrete is used as it will withstand the elements of nature, including regular weather and natural disasters.

When considering the durability of concrete, it can be determined that the meaning involves the ability of the material to resist weathering from natural elements, chemical attack and abrasion. Consider a smaller scale project. A sidewalk or pathway will be installed with a certain type of concrete. The mixing and pouring process should be considered along with grading of the property for a quality installation. The right process should be completed so the sidewalk will not be damaged.

If the installation is not done properly, perhaps with no sealing or with improper leveling, the concrete will eventually buckle or crack, possibly deteriorating due to coming in to contact with salt or other chemicals. With a quality install, you will have no problems and the concrete can last for many years, decades in fact.

Overall, it is important to consider the environment, the installation process, concrete used and the weather of the area in order to determine how long the concrete will last. There is no definite age for concrete. If installed properly, considering every factor, then the concrete will last for many years. If cracks or breaks in the concrete are noticed over the years, the concrete can be repaired by the concrete experts. With repairs, the concrete is restored and the material will last longer than ever before.

Whenever you are planning a concrete project, work with the Texas Concrete Specialist in concrete to use the best materials and ensure the installation process so that the concrete will last for decades. Experts in concrete installations know just what to do in regards to every aspect to ensure a quality installation and overall use, avoiding weathering or deterioration.

You can even consult a professional to have your concrete project inspected over the years to ensure no changes or reinforcements need to be made.


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