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Stamped vs. Polished concrete

Today, a lot of homeowners are beginning to see the numerous benefits of residential concrete in Dallas/Fort Worth. Particularly, concrete flooring is often praised for its high durability (as it is used in building crucial infrastructures such as roads and bridges). Modern concrete floors have been designed with a more beautiful and amazing look/feel for your home or business.

However, before you rush off to buy your new concrete floors, you have to decide which you want for your space: polished concrete or stained concrete? In the rest of this article, we will be discussing 6 major comparison factors to consider for both concrete types.

1. Customization

In terms of customization, there are a plethora of diverse colors of stain for stained concrete. In fact, you can decide to create your own personalized stain for a flooring design that would be absolutely unique. Stained concrete gives you the freedom to use several colors to produce amazing designs on your new floor.

On the other hand, polished concrete repair in Euless, Texas will give you high-shine floors. Although you commonly find these highly-polished floor-finishes in showrooms and industrial areas, recently, polished concrete is quickly becoming the favorite choice of homeowners in high-end residences. To an extent, polished concrete also allows you to customize the look of your concrete floors.

In this comparison, stained concrete would be considered the winner. No doubts, polished concrete comes with a beautiful shine. However, you won't achieve true personalization for your concrete floors until they have been uniquely stained.

2. Maintenance

A frequently asked question by most people is: which is easier to maintain - stained or polished concrete? If we are to consider daily maintenance, then both floors are actually very easy to maintain. All you have to do is use a vacuum (the ones designed for cleaning hard floors), dust mop, or a broom for your regular cleaning chores. If you want a deeper clean, then a regular wet mop or a steam mop would be just fine.

However, in terms of long-term maintenance, polished concrete wins the comparison. This is because when you polish concrete, the pores close. Thus, the floor becomes resistant to damage and staining that is caused as a result of the moisture. In addition, the long-term maintenance for polished concrete is cost-effective and consumes less time compared to the maintenance of stained concrete floors.

3. Outdoor/Indoor Use

Where you intend to use your concrete flooring will determine the type you select. This is why it is necessary to consider which stamped concrete in Dallas/Fort Worth is better for indoor or outdoor use.

For stained concrete, it can be used in all indoor rooms. However, it is pertinent to note that stained concrete may begin to show signs of wear over time if installed in areas of very high traffic. For outdoor use, stained concrete can be used in areas around the pool or on patios. Keep in mind however that it is necessary to make use of an outdoor stain to avoid premature wear.

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Polished concrete, on the other hand, is an outstanding choice for homes and offices. A lot of high-end homes are fitted with polished concrete for their living rooms, dining areas, hallways, or foyers. However, a disadvantage of polished concrete is that it tends to be very slippery. This is why it is not advisable to install it in outdoor areas that are exposed to water, or even indoor rooms such as the bathrooms or kitchens.

In this category, stained concrete is regarded as the better option for both outdoor and indoor use, because of the risk of slipping on polished concrete floors.

4. Cost

There are several factors to consider when discussing the cost of concrete. Since we won't be going in-depth on the pricing, we will simply compare both concrete types on a general level.

For a polished concrete floor, you may pay about $5 to $8 more per square foot, on average, than for a stained concrete floor. This is because more equipment is required to finish job specifications for a polished concrete. It also requires a longer and more effective installation process.

In terms of pricing, stained concrete is a more budget friendly choice. It costs far less than polished concrete.

5. Lifespan

The lifespan is an indispensable factor when comparing polished concrete and stained concrete. On average, polished concrete is usually guaranteed to last for a particular period of time, such as 20 years. However, the more interesting fact is that these floors can last for a lifetime, provided that they are properly cared for and maintained.

On the other hand, stained concrete itself can also last for many years, even as long as over a century. However, the floors will have to be waxed or sealed once or twice annually, in order for the stain to last. If this is not done, the stain may begin to fade quickly, especially in high-traffic areas.

Although both concrete types have very long lifespans and can last a lifetime, polished concrete tends to last longer. Moreover, it does not need so much maintenance to keep its aesthetic features.

6. Durability

Finally, this is the last category to consider before installing new concrete flooring. Indeed, polished concrete has extremely high durability. As a result of a more extensive installation process, polished concrete is designed to maintain its aesthetics even in areas of very high traffic. Thus, polished concrete is a common choice for high-wear places such as restaurants, retail stores, and even full households.

Although stained concrete also has good durability, it is however more prone to worn coatings, faded colors, and scratches in areas of high traffic.

For this category, polished concrete is the better option. This is largely as a result of the involved installation process that allows it to withstand wear in even the most high-traffic areas. It can be regarded as the most suitable for driveway repair in Dallas/Fort Worth.

In conclusion, both types of concrete floors are great for industrial and residential applications, especially because they are both beautiful and durable in their respective ways. It is easier to choose between either stained or polished concrete delivery in Euless, Texas, when you first consider what you are looking for in your flooring.

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