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Have you always wanted to boost the appeal of your 'dry' slab? Usually, the first thing that comes to people's mind when they hear the words "stamped concrete patio" is the pictorial imagination of a boring, cracked slab in an unkempt outdoor space or backyard.

However, we want to help you change the look of your old backyard patio with these stamped concrete patio remodeling trends. From amazing patterns, color, outdoor accessories and landscaping, etc., there are so many innovative ideas for you to put a stylish and customized effect on your unloved, dull-looking concrete patio pavement. In the rest of this article, we will be revealing 9 awesome patio design tips and landscaping ideas that will transform your view about concrete patio appearance.

1. Resurface Your Stamped Concrete Patio

You can now finally wave goodbye to 2 very common patio materials: wood and flat concrete. Today, most people are no longer opting for a patio that looks just like their neighbor's. Resurfacing offers numerous design trends that can be used to decorate stamped concrete. Being one of the most popular trends for remodeling your patio, stamped concrete is not only uniquely alluring, but also cost-effective. When you choose to resurface your patio, there are several selection of patterns, ranging from herringbone and brick to the more unique natural stone concrete patio. The best part is that the installation process is very simple and this trend is applicable even on old slabs.

2. Making Use of Juxtaposed Patio Materials

The use of contrasting materials offers great benefits to wide patios. Nowadays, contractors use the contrast to develop a custom appearance that makes it interesting to always admire the appealing feel of the floor. For instance, you can give your patio a flat stained concrete flooring that is bordered with a stamped concrete patio border around it. Other contrasting materials such as different kinds of paving stones or different grains of wood can also be used.

3. Stamped Concrete Patio Foodscaping

Foodscaping simply refers to the combination of farming with landscaping. One of the popular patio trends among homeowners now is that they are beginning to select nutritious plants over attractive flowering plants. Stamped concrete patios are now featuring herbs, vegetables and fruits, which are equally very enchanting to admire as with plants and flowers. One awesome benefit of foodscaping is that it helps to decrease the expenses for produce bought at the store.

4. Sustainable and Eco Friendly Products and Designs

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As a result of the reduction in essential resources on the planet, it has now become a trend for most people to choose sustainable products and design patterns. Luckily, there are tons of stamped concrete patio designs that are not only aesthetically wonderful, but also efficient for the sustainability of the environment. It is therefore good news that the costs of stamped concrete patio have reduced without affecting the standards of functionality and durability.

5. Bringing Indoor Features Outdoors

More than ever before, concrete patio designs are adding more and more comfort for their users. This is why one of the trends today is designing them with features that are similar to a living room, except that there are no walls or a roof. In contemporary times, homeowners and even facility managers are making use of cushioned chairs and couches in their outdoor spaces, instead of concrete and wood seating structures.

We recommend enhancing the landscaping of your patio with a pergola, a water feature, string lights, or a container garden, and then heat up the background environment with a compact fire pit. In fact, you can take your patio remodeling game to the next level by including an outdoor kitchenette with grills, small fridges, and other amenities you may use in your outdoor space. Your visitors are sure to be wowed by this fantastic stamped concrete patio remodeling trend.

6. Faking the Look of Stone

How about a stamped concrete patio that has the resemblance of real stone or brick? Sounds amazing, right? It has become a trend among several DIY-savvy home owners to try to achieve this effect by employing a plethora of methods, ideas, and tools. Here is a free tip: one of the fastest methods of achieving quick results is by using a patterned rubber roller that is specially designed for concrete patio designs.

Concrete contractors can also make use of this giant-shaped paint roller to create indentations that resemble stone or brick, when the concrete is still curing. You can get any variety of graphic, brick and stone patterns from home infringement stores that sell these stamped concrete rollers. Keep in mind that they are quite expensive though. The prices may range from about $900 to $1,700. However, a less expensive option is concrete stamping mats. They are flexible rubber pieces with embossed patterns. Depending on your preferences, the price range for the mats is from $270 to $450. To make use of this trend, put the stamp on wet concrete, then apply pressure; lift, and do it again.

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Indeed, patterned concrete rollers are a trending investment for homeowners that want to install a number of stamped walkways along with a decorative patio.

The use of concrete mold is another one of the cheapest ways to fake the appearance of cobblestone. This idea costs about just $20 or even less. Rather than just stamping out your pattern, you would place the mold on the floor and then fill it up with concrete. Thereafter, you pack it down using a garden spade and take off the mold. Repeat this process until the patio remodeling project is finished.

7. Paint Creativity

Getting creative with paint is one of the smart and affordable patio remodeling trends available for homeowners to transform their existing stamped concrete patio today. For instance, you can spruce up the old pavement on your patio by creating a faux rug with paint and stencil.

If you want a long-lasting finish, it is advisable to utilize porch paint specifically designed for outdoor use. Also, be sure to power-wash the concrete before applying. Renting a power washer costs about $60 per day.

8. Installation of clay pavers on your stamped concrete patio

Do you know that you can remodel your existing backyard concrete patio with new clay pavers? Clay pavers are bricks that have been put in a kiln for hard-firing. The essence of this is to give them maximum strength which allows them to resist the rays of the sun, as well as foul weather.

Compared to natural stones, clay pavers are quite inexpensive. With a cost of about $3 to $15 per square foot, you can get a professional installation that will resurface the look of your stamped concrete patio.

Furthermore, you can select other brilliant landscaping ideas such as ordering additional patio pavers to create a matching fire pit.

9. Staining or Sealing the Concrete

The application of a sealer or fresh stain over an old backyard concrete patio is also one of the current trends for remodeling stamped concrete patio. This trend, being one of the most cost-effective ideas, can cost you as low as just $2 per square foot.

Now that you know that it is actually very possible and easy to remodel your existing concrete patio with these patio design tips and landscaping ideas, what are you waiting for? Go on and upgrade the appeal of your dry patio. In all, be sure to call a concrete expert and professional concrete contractor that will deliver a long-lasting installation job for you.


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