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What is Stamped Concrete and where can I get it?

stamped concrete patio Euless, Texas

Picking a suitable finished surface for your patio, walkway, theme parks, malls and compound flooring, can actually prove to be very tasking. Most people want surfaces that are aesthetically appealing, neat, durable, cost effective to the owner. Due to the variety of surfacing options available, Prime surfacing options are the go to options to avoid substandard surface options.

Amongst these choices, stamped concrete has been proven to be the popular choice amongst customers and vendors. This is due to the fact that stamped concrete can be made to mimic higher end materials like brick and other paving options at a cheaper cost, giving you some extra cash in your pockets. But before we go into all that, lets find out what stamped concrete is;

What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is imprinted or textured concrete that replicates stones, slates, tiles etcetera. It possesses a plethora of beautification options especially for patterns and color choices thus making it the popular choice for patios, pool decks and many more

Its value presents itself often irrespective of the project its being used for, and it is mostly used for its value improvements and its stellar decorative touches to the intended project.

Convinced already, Check out a residential concrete company near you or in the Euless Texas area today and explore the beautiful varieties of stamped concrete options available to you.

Advantages of Stamped Concrete

The following advantages are some of the many reasons you should consider using stamped concrete as your preferred surfacing option. Have a look;


Due to the extremely long durability of concrete, being that it lasts way longer than other materials, and sits perfectly in any kind of environment, and is very resistant to wear and tear, the investment made on stamped concrete serves as only a quarter of the total investment. You are guaranteed to get out of stamped concrete your money’s worth.

Minimal Long-term Maintenance

The surface area concrete surfaces can loosen overtime which can result to the surface needing a resetting or resurfacing work done. Stamped concrete however has the advantage of not needing resetting or replacement over time. It also greatly reduces the risk of the surface becoming a tripping or surface hazard to users. Now isn’t that a great thing.

Minimal Labor Required

Compared to other floor surfacing options, stamped concrete is less labor intensive, and it requires minimal effort to implement, thus making it the preferred choice of installers. It is way more economical to pour the concrete and imprint your patterns rather than carrying out individual paving options like surfacing options.

Increases property value for resale

Stamped concrete increases the aesthetic appeal of a property. It gives an instant curb appeal to a property. It enhances outdoor spaces and adds to the home value. Thus if you choose to sell, stamped concrete greatly improves the properties value and thus you are guaranteed a return on investment.

No Weeds

Stamped concrete leaves no spaces for weed or plants of any form to creep out or grow from. Other forms of surfacing always gives crevices for weed to spring out from. With stamped concrete, you never have to worry about dealing with weed growth because stamped concrete is perfectly sealed.

Stone Look

Stamped concrete gives a look of stone and it is the ideal choice for patios, pool decks, pavements etcetera. It is the actual alternative to using stones as that would not be a wise decision cost wise. The amount of work also involved in using actual stones is tasking, humongous and very hazardous. When stamped concrete is used, the stone look is achieved with any of the disadvantages and hazards of using actual stones.

stamped concrete company near me

There you have it, and these are just a few reasons why stamped concrete does the job perfectly for you!

Now if you are in the Euless Texas area and you intend to get going with your stamped concrete works, look no further because Texan Concrete Specialist is the best residential concrete company near you. They offer the best affordable concrete services this side of the country.

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