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polished concrete floors in Euless, Texas

For some years now, polished concrete floors have indubitably become the most common and recommended flooring option for domestic, commercial and industrial locations. This increase in the popularity of polished concrete is not for no reason. From high durability, longevity, low maintenance, versatility etc., there are indeed so many factors that make polished concrete floors better than other flooring options.

Before you choose polished concrete floors as your final choice, it is pertinent that you first of all understand the numerous benefits you stand to gain. In this article, we will be discussing 12 amazing reasons why polished concrete floors are the best available flooring options on the market today.

1. Polished Concrete Floors Have Higher Durability

One of the most distinguishing pros about polished concrete floors is that they are typically very durable. This therefore makes them a very reliable option for areas of heavy foot traffic. As a matter of fact, it is almost impossible to cause damage to the flooring which means that no chips or scratches will damage its aesthetics. Other flooring options like ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, and linoleum have a relatively lower durability and sustainability compared to polished concrete.

2. Polished Concrete Floors Last For a Long Period of Time

Another remarkable benefit of a polished concrete flooring is that it has a long lifespan. With proper installation and observation of good maintenance practices over the years, polished concrete will last for about a decade without the need to carry out any major maintenance services. In most cases, polished concrete has a better life-cycle compared to wood laminate or even carpeting. The fact that polished concrete has the capacity to last for as long as 10 years with low maintenance and minimum breakage from impact, is a huge advantage for homeowners and business owners alike.

3. Polished Concrete Floors Are Cost-effective

It is unarguable that affordability is one of the contributing factors to the vast acceptance of polished concrete as a contemporary flooring option today. Although the pricing largely depends on how difficult the job would be. For instance, the affordability may not be that high if you don't have a slab concrete on ground. However, if you already have a slab concrete that only needs to be stained and finished, then choosing polished concrete would be a pretty affordable flooring option. Basically, it all depends on the specifications of the customer, as well as the total area to be covered. These are the two factors that will largely determine the cost per square meter.

In all, when you consider the pricing of other flooring options such as vinyl flooring, hardwood or laminate, polished concrete is no doubts the most affordable flooring solution.

4. Polished Concrete Requires Low Maintenance

Asides for regular mopping and sweeping, polished concrete floors don't actually require any form of major maintenance. The essence of mopping and sweeping the floor everyday is simply to prevent the accumulation of dirt. For instance, it is recommended that you damp mop your high-gloss floor finish from time to time so that the gloss remains intact. If your concrete floors have been properly installed and polished, then you won't have to bother about re-polishing the surface so fast.

5. Polished Concrete Floors Are Very Compatible With Radiant Floor Heating Systems

It should impress you to also know that polished concrete floors can easily be used with radiant floor heating systems. This is all thanks to their excellent thermal conducting features.

6. Polished Concrete Requires Zero Use of Any Kind of Hazardous Chemicals

A great thing about polished concrete is that it is very much environmental friendly. Hence, you don't have to make use of any harsh chemicals in the process of installation or maintenance. Some other excellent advantages entail moisture resistance (if it has been properly sealed and finished), resistance to abrasion and increased ambient lighting.

Polished concrete flooring eliminates the accumulation of allergens, mildew, and mold on surfaces. In addition, they also have good energy efficiency.

concrete polished kitchen Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

By implication, the heat stored from the rays or light of the sun can be utilized in the massive reduction of energy consumption. This means you can cut down on energy bills thanks to the energy efficient characteristics of polished concrete. One last thing: polished concrete floors have also been discovered to enhance indoor air.

7. Polished Concrete Has High Versatility

Unlike a number of other flooring alternatives such as ceramic tiles or hardwood, polished concrete floors can be used in pretty much everywhere; whether at home, offices and commercial sites, or industrial facilities. The best part is that they are greatly recommended by experts who are well grounded in the flooring business and the environments they are best suited for.

8. Polished Concrete Has Higher Sophistication and Aesthetics

Are you looking to provide the interior of your space with an appealing visual outlook? In that case, polished concrete floors should be your number one flooring option. Thanks to the sleek, high-gloss appearance of polished concrete floors, your property can finally achieve the premium qualities of sophistication and finesse it deserves.

In fact, you are bound to be wowed by how the glossy flooring with the resemblance of a polished stone will reflect the light in an absolutely alluring way. This is the reason why in recent times, museums, theaters, hotels, and other high-class institutions or residences choose polished concrete floors as their top flooring option.

9. Polished Concrete Requires No Waxing

That's right! The fact that these concrete floors have already been polished to give them an enhanced appearance and utility, means that there will be totally zero need to strip or wax the surface. As a result, you would have less stress when carrying out maintenance procedures in the future.

10. Polished Concrete Floors Have 100% Availability for Immediate Use

The fact that you don't need to use any chemicals in the process of installing and polishing the concrete floors makes it possible to put the already polished areas into service with immediate effect. Particularly, for certain institutions such as production plants, hypermarkets, or hospitals, where safety can not be compromised, areas of polished concrete flooring can be used immediately without any problem.

11. Increased Ambient Lighting

Get prepared to experience an enhanced lighting in your space when you choose polished concrete for your home or office. Thanks to its sleek and glossy surface, light is absorbed and illuminated all over the room by 30%!

12. Zero Marks and Stains

When it comes to protection against all kinds of marks and stains, polished concrete floors have always been the best choice. This explains why several commercial facilities are increasingly choosing polished concrete floors over other types of flooring alternatives. One particularly awesome benefit is that it leaves no tire scratches or marks at all. This is why it is perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

So there you have them: 12 solid reasons why polished concrete floors are most preferable over other flooring options. To enjoy the most from your polished concrete floors, we advise that you hire a professional and reliable flooring contractor to carry out a successful installation and maintenance job. Do not forget, the quality of your flooring installation and maintenance will greatly determine how functional and beautiful they will be.

If you feel like polished concrete would be a great addition to your home, contact the Texan Concrete Specialist Today!


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