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Driveway Repair in Dallas / Fort Worth

Choosing Texan Concrete Specialist for your Driveway Repair

Your driveway is the path into your home and one of the most visible aspects of it.

Concrete driveways impact the overall appeal and aesthetic of your home. A cracked or damaged driveway in need of concrete repair can negatively impact your curb appeal and mar an otherwise immaculate home.

Here at Texan Concrete Specialist, we want to keep that from happening to you. We STRIVE to be the best concrete contractors in DFW and provide the best driveway repair, expansion, or installation service around. 

We ALWAYS minimize damage to surrounding areas. Our goal is ALWAYS to finish jobs in the timeliest manner possible without sacrificing the quality of our work or the customer care we PRIDE ourselves on.

Driveway repair near me

Cost and Finding the Right Contractor 

Concrete driveway repair can be prohibitively expensive. This is especially true if your driveway is colored or stamped concrete. It can be difficult to find out which concrete contractors and companies in Dallas / Fort Worth even repair stamped concrete driveways, and if they will be able to match your specific concrete driveway. Most cement companies and contractors will claim to be able to do so. Unfortunately, if you realize the cement contractor you hired is NOT capable of delivering the driveway repair job you paid for, it is often already too late in the process. Now you’re stuck with an expensive driveway repair job you’re unhappy with.

concrete driveway expansion or repair in dallas/fort worth texas

Frequently Asked Concrete Driveway Repair Questions and Answers

  • What does it cost to have my driveway repaired?

    • Each concrete driveway repair job is unique and the amount of labor and concrete are the determining factors of cost. Please give us a call and discuss your needs with us and we will be happy to give you a quote, free of charge. 

  • What if my driveway is stamped and/or colored concrete?

    • At Texan Concrete Specialist, we know how important your unique, stamped-concrete driveway is to you. We take the utmost care to preserve the original look of your stamped concrete. Due to the more expensive concrete / materials and extra labor involved, stamped concrete driveway repairs do tend to cost more than a standard concrete driveway repair. Be wary of concrete contractors and companies who claim otherwise. For more info about Stamped Concrete, Check our our Stamped Concrete Page here: Stamped Concrete Company near me

  • What if I do not currently have a concrete driveway and would like to build one? Do y’all do that?

    • Yes, we do full concrete driveway pours in addition to driveway repairs! 

  • Do you do concrete delivery?

Yes, we deliver concrete! Check our our Concrete Delivery Page here: Concrete delivery in Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex

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